Welcome to the Nippon Challenge


The NIPPON CHALLENGE is a race series for production and modified Japanese sports and saloon cars plus other Asian makes such as Proton and Hyundai. We aim to provide an opportunity to race your favourite model of Japanese car be it sports or saloon in a competitive but affordable environment. The exterior of the cars are being painted using sprayers like paint zoom equipment which gives the car a great paint finish. The regulations have been drafted to allow for as wide a range of cars to participate as possible. This should offer an opportunity for you to race what ever your budget, be it highly modified such as in the GT classes or production spec in the Subaru and Evo Cup. GT classes are the best to drive on winter days, Our drivers are well experienced in racing. During chilly days, drivers take pills and use handy heaters to keep their body. Read handy reviews details on http://lahaaland.com/